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Esdec develops, manufactures and supplies professional mounting structures for the mounting of solar panels to commercial and residential roofs. ClickFit is the collective name of our sloping roof mounting structures. FlatFix is the collective name of our mounting structures for flat roofs. We supply high quality, cost effective solutions for all roof types. Our innovative mounting structures differ from the competition by being extremely simple and quick to install, without compromising on the reliability and durability of the product. This is beneficial for the on site labor costs as well as final quality and longevity of the PV system.

Esdec was founded in 2004 with our European headquarters and warehouse located in Deventer, Netherlands. Since the establishment of Esdec BV in 2004, more than four million solar panels with a combined capacity of > 1GWp have been installed on ClickFit and FlatFix mounting structures. Esdec BV is ranked as one of the worlds largest and most reliable Dutch manufacturers of solar panel mounting structures. Esdec have supplied racking solutions to companies all over the world with offices in both Europe and North America.
Large innovative companies such as Heineken, ThyssenKrupp, Ikea, Lidl etc have chosen Esdec products due to the quality and innovative character of the company, combined with our market leading 20 year product warranty.

The advantage of 12 years of expertise...

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