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ClickFit Supra

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Esdec Inc. is the only choice for the modern installer looking for a high quality, low cost and rapid installation product. With over 1Gw of racking fitted globally, our innovative European designs are the number one, most highly recommended choice for leading Solar PV Installers worldwide. Esdec Inc. has taken the very best and relevant European design standards and vast experience to produce a new, innovative and tailored solution for asphalt shingle roofs…ClickFit SUPRA.

ClickFit SUPRA is revolutionary in its design. A single tool, multi adjustable approach throughout ensures quick and easy installation. In addition our short rail system minimizes transportation cost, whilst delivering additional flexibility for the installer during the layout processes. Lightweight high quality aluminum components are utilized to minimize weight loadings on the roof, whilst providing excellent corrosion resistance. The ClickFit SUPRA system includes cable management without extra charge.

An additional revolutionary design feature is our patented black end cap and screw coverings. When these items are used in conjunction with our black module clamps, a black module array is attainable at significantly reduced cost to the installer compared to other systems on the market.

Esdec Inc. products are designed to reduce time on-site and use only the highest quality materials. This ethos enables top quality installations that carry the Esdec Inc. 20 year product warranty with pride.

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Super quick installation 20 years’ warranty on our productsOutstanding service and advice 12 Years  experience
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